Google Sheets PMS - Powerful Property Management Tool

PMS uses Marketing Automation to Enhance the Guest Experience & Get Better TripAdvisor Reviews

Most PMS systems are clunky and hard to use. They are also expensive and require yearly updates. Most small properties (<25 rooms) dont have the technical know how to setup or maintain complex systems.

Sample of a Google PMS

But which B&B or Inn isnt familiar with Google Sheets? Google Sheets is a powerful database and can connect to any external system effectively. You maybe wondering if it can fully replace a legacy system. The short answer is Yes it can!. Check out all that it can do

** Sync with Airbnb Ical and block inventory in all Ical enabled systems
** Send automated guest SMS and emails (pre stay instructions, post stay review email) - 100% more reviews
** Maintain all guest specific information and update financial summary - effective management reporting
** Push information (including emails) to any external system used like Mail Chimp (although PMS can send emails by itself)
** Dynamic Price indicators - While we dont yet sync with systems like, you can get dynamic price tips based on your occupancy as well as weekend, last minute prices etc

So what you waiting for - reach out to us for a demo of the Google PMS and see what it can do for your guest experience!

Check out the Google PMS product right here

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