Importance of Selecting the Right Hotel Website Design

What should Your Hotel Website Design include?

Tourism is definitely one of the biggest industries today and this is the reason that the internet is full of hotel websites. The number is constantly increasing as the industry grows. If you area hotel owner or tourism startup, there is good news for you - it has been noticed that out of all the online travel reservations, 39% are hotel reservations.

Why Do You Need a Hotel Website?

A hotel website is important for your business. Firstly, it serves as the mode of communication with your clients and secondly, it helps you create an impression on the people who are visiting your website.

·       If you insert some amazing graphics and images, you can showcase the best features of your hotel through the website.

·       Use compelling images to give a great first impression of your property to the visitors.

·       The design of the website should have uniqueness. The template that you choose should reflect your brand’s ideas and stand out from your competitor’s website.

Hotel Website Design templates

·       The website informs your guests about the attractions around your hotel, and distinctive traits.

Choosing a highly responsive template is essential to come up with a user-friendly hotel website design.


What are the Types of Booking Sites?

The booking sites of hotels can be broadly categorized into two types –

·       The first one is the reservation system on the hotel’s own website.

·       The second is a platform which shows the offers of several hotels under one roof.

How Can a Reservation Module on Your Own Website Benefit You?

A hotel web design should be highly responsive and functional. If you are going for a reservation module on your hotel’s website, then these are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy –

·       You save on commission to intermediaries and significantly cutting down the cost.

·       All the reservations can easily be managed by an administrator.

How a Hotel Website helps your business

·       Since you are having a direct contact with the client, you get the opportunity to send him/her customized discount offers in future.

·       You can analyze the numbers.

·       You can implement the same booking module on different social media websites.

The correct installation of a reservation module in your hotel website is essential and you need to update and optimize it from time to time.

What is the Cost of Building Your Hotel Booking Website?

If you are planning to have your own hotel website, the cost can be somewhere between US$ 300 to US$ 5,000 depending upon the number of hotels you have under your chain.

This price quoted by hotel website design companies depends largely on these factors –

·       The functionality of the project

·       The complexity of the design

·       The technology that needs to be implemented

·       The number of hours that the project needs

·       Any technical difficulties that might pose a problem

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