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Booking Jini Channel Manager + Nodal = Magic

Tired of managing your website separate from your other Online channels like and Expedia? Well, you no longer have to spend time manually update prices / inventoryon your Nodal website or Booking engine!

Booking Jini channel manager now offers full compatibility with the Nodal website. Update or close any rooms there and your website updates in real time! What's more, you can use the native Nodal booking engine or the Booking Jini engine - you now have one less thing to manage. Start driving those direct bookings now and saving upto 15% commissions you lose via Online Travel channels

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Guest Stay Automation using Google Sheet PMS 

Modern PMS systems are meant to not just store guest information but also act as systems of communications with the guests and your hotel staff.
But most PMS systems are not just hard to use but also very expensive and difficult to setup. When we started developing Google PM, we wanted a systems that was easy to setup and modify as well as inexpensive. We continue to evolve the systems and now just rolled out some excellent communication features including
** Emails to guests and staff upon check in
** SMS to guests upon check in and post check out for
** Auto SMS for ratings & reviews (Tripadvisor)

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Travel Sector + Technology = Nodal

We are a Hotel Technology company with extensive experience in the global Hospitality sector - over 25 man years.

This knowledge, along with core development and coding skills has enabled us to bring together a service that is used by Hotel owners, Service Apartment, BNB establishments and small Guest houses worldwide.

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WhatsApp Business on your website– Boost Direct Business

With the technological advancements, the way we communicate has changed drastically. Companies cant expect to generate business from websites with just enquiry forms, phone numbers as the customer expectations have changed – they want instant answers and WhatsApp Business is built for exactly that.

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Best Content Management System (CMS)

CMS or Content Management System is a very important decision before deciding to launch your travel website – whether for a hotel, service apartment, tour company or a real estate venture. A good or bad CMS can make or break your potential sites – and it is the most important decision you can make before you start building your website. You should know which CMS is suitable and comfortable for your work. Every CMS have its own pros and cons that should be considered before you opt for any of them.

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