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Starting any business is hard. A property & travel business especially so. Nodal is designed for Property Entrepreneurs - Start a Hotel business Today

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The biggest mistake is to build first and market later. If you have a hotel, service apartment or hostel business - positive cashflow is very important in the first 6-12 months. These tools help drive leads & bookings to your Hotel, Apartment or Co-Living Business easily & get to 70% plus occupancy

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Property website - Along with Google Maps, its the single biggest marketing tool. Forget about Social in the first 12 months - invest in the website

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Booking Engine

Close the deal immediately. If on the phone, send a link to book, if on email, send a quote that gets filled. Don't trust your business over to OTAs.

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GST invoices

If you want to get Corporate bookings, you need GST compliant invoices. You will need to give credit for 30 or 60 days and track.

How we can help you

Free Consultation With Industry Veteran

Kunal is an Alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. He has built a successful property management company - Perch. Perch is now the largest service apartment company in Gurgaon and has been completely self funded from conception in 2012.
It has sold over 100,000 room nights and has over 50 corporate clients in Delhi NCR.

Kunal is an expert in Finance and would love to share experiences about how he built Perch with just 40 lakhs of starting capital in 2012 into a 8 cr per year revenue business.

You can ask him everything from raising capital, to invoicing for Corporate clients, digital marketing & expanding without buying properties outright.

Go ahead and book a time with him!

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Investing for the Long Run

Online Travel Agents can give you some business, but the problem with depending on them is

•No control on quality of clients (, MMT etc.)

• No client loyalty or ability to remarket

• Short duration stays and hefty commissions (upto 20%) - which can make business unprofitable

The only way to steady 50% plus direct bookings is - SEO & Website Marketing. Unfortunately there is no easy way out here. Bulding an SEO presence for a new property business (Hotel, PG, Rental, Malls, Shops etc)
can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. However it is the only marketing that you actually own Google combines the following signals for property businesses

• Google Maps, Google Reviews & Online References

• Travel Reviews on TripAdvisor, OTAs, Airbnb etc.

• Website quality, ease of use, Mobile friendliness, Hosting safety

• Directories like LinkedIn, Company Details & Association memberships

• Website Content & Quality - Amenity listings, latest prices, directions, addresses,
About the company, company videos

• YouTube & Social Media - YouTube videos play an important part and if you can get video referrals your business will shine

Not only for bookings, but an online presence will help you raise money from investors, attract top talent to work with you and also create a positive brand recall - clients are upto 75% more likely to book & call directly if they have a positive website & social media reference