OTAs & Booking Channels account for 50% of Global bookings!

OTA Sales are growing at 25% YOY and account for over 50% of the bookings made worldwide! By optimising your property listing on the main travel portals ,you can easily see your revenue increase and gain a competitive advantage over other properties.

Get more visibility on Airbnb, Booking.com
& other channels

Total Automation

Automated mails, Calendar Sync & Pricing automation

SEO Optimisation

Image tagging, sequencing, Professional SEO content and editing

Deliver Results

Higher OTA score, rank higher, get more inquiries and bookings

How we do it?

Research work

We overhaul your Google places and OTA listing content. Image restructuring and add marketing and Sales enhancements.


We pick up the best practices from top performing properties in your location and implement them to your listing or website.

Free enhancements

After the initial work we can always be contacted for enhancing your OTA listing and troubleshooting. For Free!

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Before OTA Boost

Online bookings depend on how your property ranks and what kind of a content score it gets. Low score =  Low bookings:(

After OTA Boost

We know what it takes to succeed on these portals, as we have more than 10 years experience of working with and selling on international OTA and travel websites. We ensure you always rank higher than your competition!

How we do it

Preliminary Analysis

We do  a deep analysis from Google Trends and competitor study

Account Strategy

We build up a strategy based on your goals and customer profile


We take about 2 to 4 days to set and then you are ready to go!

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Work with Google Certified Experts

We reply to everyone right away. See for yourself.
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OTA Optimisation- Get 10X your investment
in just one year

Single OTA optimisation &
Guesty Automation

$40/INR 2,500

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5 Listings/ OTA optimisation & Guesty Automation

$150/INR 10,000

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We can even set up your OTAs from scratch if required
We also do custom work like API integration, Large Scale Group OTA and Channel Manager set up etc

Setup Adwords Campaigns -
Bookings on tap now!

Ad-Words Campaign Set up Cost

$100/INR 7,500

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Monthly Comission (per account)

$30 & 15% of Ad-Spend

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