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Number of properties : 1

Nodal + Features

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Nodal Max Premium Features

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Nodal + Features

Nodal Max Premium Features

Mobile site with app functions

Click to call, 1 click enquiry, 2 click bookings & more

20+ customizable templates

Choose from a wide range of desings and customize your template according to your requirement

Fully Assisted Set up

Dynamic mobile header & footer

Different footer & header on property pages, & home page. Ideal for booking conversions & quicker purchase decision making for the user

Map based drag search

Ideal for visually driven guests & customers. Properties will show as you drag location of map on desktop

Team sub-accounts

Easily collaborate and work with your team members, give limited access and roles as required

Sales, Lead Collection & Marketing

Customer data forms

Easily collect additional information from your prospect by turning complex forms into multiple steps.

Booking Enquiry Alerts

Get notified when a cutomer enquires or a booking fails to materialize

Booking engine + payment gateway

Nodal Direct Booking engine is integrated with Stripe

Continuous On-Page SEO Optimize

We will continuously work on your site’s organic search ranking using regular on-page SEO content optimization & off page directory submission to boost your rank

Chat-Bot set up

Basic Set Up

Detailed AI Set-UP

Form Submissions (per month)




Insta, Twitter, Tripadvisor & FB API

WhatsApp, Google API & Hubspot

Google Hotel Schema Stars

Rating stars will be shown below your hotel/ property name when searched on Google or any other search engine

Hosting & Support

Image & Video Upload Limit

1 GB

5 GB

Monthly traffic limit (unique visitors)



24*7 Customer Support

1 day turnaround. We work on all weekdays and on weekends provide emergency tech support

Free Code Export

Export clean and semantic HTML & CSS files to hand off to your dev team. Note: dynamic content (CMS items and pages) cannot be exported.

AWS SSL secure website hosting

AWS CDN fastest content loading

Your site will utilize CDN global servers to load images and video content at lightning speed! Ideal if you like to show your users videos

Monthly SEO & Analytics Report

White Labelling

Add your own logo to the CMS, Website footer and Client Billing payment forms, and remove Nodal Direct branding from form emails and client notifications

Number of properties : 1




Digital Marketing



SEO + Digital Marketing



Compare Plan Features


Digital Marketing

SEO + Digital Marketing

On page SEO

Header, Meta Title, Description & content optimization

Technical optimizations

Schema, Robots.txt & Sitemap auto updates, Alt tagging

Off page SEO

High quality Guest posts on good DA sites, Backlinking, Article & Directory submission, Bookmarking

Keyword Rank Tracking

Monthly progress report

Monthly detailed site audit

Keyword Research

We will prvide you historical data, current metrics and also suggest keywords that should be

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook & Instagram & Twitter,

Linked In professional Posts

High quality professional posts

Posts on curative search platform such as Quora, Reddit etc

Engagement by demographics

Content specific to the location using native language writers

Google My business optimization

Regular work on Google business listing to increase ranking and engagement

Landing Pages

Set up Cots




Google Ads Set up

Set up




Compare Plan Features

Landing Pages

Google Ads Set up

Super fast landing page

Stunning front end design

AWS SSL Secure hosting (1 year)

10+ Customizable Templates

1 click enquiry forms

Click to call

Whatsapp & Google Ads integration

Google Ads

Setup of a single Ad-Words account

Detailed set up of google ads

Keyword set up

Social media ads & remarketing

Demographic & Location optimization


Tell Us Your Requirements

Channel Manager

Tell Us Your Requirements

Large Scale Projects

Tell Us Your Requirements

Compare Plan

OTA/ Airbnb Optimization

Channel Manager Integration
( Request Pricing)

Large Scale projects
( Request Pricing)

On-page SEO optimization for listing

Improvement of all rank-determining metrics

Image and aesthetics optimization

Price optimization according to market forces

Competitive benchmarking

Connect to all major channel managers

Pictures, Content & Settings sync

Post integration hand-holding

Troubleshooting & support contract

Large turnkey projects

Virtual team deployment

End to end marketing automation

Set up of Direct Sales Process

Online Booking Boost

Consulting & Implementation

Number of properties : 1


Set up





Set up




Compare Plan Features



Detailed Front Desk View

Customizable Night Audit Rules

Team login & access control

Property/ Hotel Grouping Assign each hotel to one or more specific groups such by city, by type or by region. This allows you to see how a region is doing. You customize the groups based on your needs.

Maximum Team Users




Free Installation and Configuration

24x7 Phone Support

We believe that Support is the most important feature.Normal support hours are 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET on all weekdays. Critical support is 24/7

Reservation Import

Let us make this transition easy for you. Download your future reservations from your old system and we will upload them into the Nodal PMS. No more hours of typing just to transition to a new PMS.

OTA Split

Have two types of accommodations such as cabins and hotel rooms? You can have two separate listings on and Expedia but still just one PMS. We code it behind the scenes to the correct listing. We think we are the only PMS offering this feature.


Detailed Reports

Download reports showing source of bookings, client bifurcation and other important metrics

Detailed Revenue Statistics

Financial reporting

Per property and even per room P&L

Tax Management

Set tax rules according to your country or region

Team  & Guest Tools

Detailed Guest Tools

Start typing and previous guest information that matches pops up – even shows their last ADR.. Returning guests are clearly marked so your front desk can welcome them back. Add a note to a guest and make it available anytime they book or add it just to the reservation.


This isn’t just a report telling housekeepers what rooms to clean. You can schedule housekeeping staff, keep track of how much time they spend cleaning, show special requests and notes, and differentiate between stayovers and checkouts plus so much more.

Internal team messaging

The message center allows you to communicate with your staff quickly and efficiently. Send a reminder about a group, submit a shift report, or even message a specific person.

Maintenance Access

Give your maintenance staff access so they can easily see what room maintenance needs to be done as reported by the front desk.

QR Code Enable

Digital E-Menu

Number of properties : 1

Airbnb Ical to Google Sheet

Set up




Plan Features

Airbnb Ical to Google Sheet

Mobile site with app functions

2 year multi-cal

Google Sheet view View bookings up to 2 years/ as far as the OTA I-cal allows

Real time bookings view

Every time the Google sheet will open up the booking sheet will be automatically updated

Adding properties when required

24x7 Support Contract

We believe that Support is the most important feature. Normal support hours are 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET on all weekdays. Critical support is 24/7 via mail

Integration into Google Business Dashboard

Google Business Dashboard

Tell Us Your Requirements

Plan Features

Google Business Dashboard

Free onboarding and set-up

Customization of fields

Team roles & Access control

Revenue & Finance Dashboard

OTA Statistics

Ical Integration

24x7 Support Contract

We believe that Support is the most important feature. Normal support hours are 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET on all weekdays. Critical support is 24/7 via mail

FAQs - Nodal Pricing

Nodal CMS (Website & Mobile)

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Do we need to pay anything additional for booking engine?

No, the booking engine provided by Nodal direct is free of cost and is ideal for single properties or hotels using the Nodal CMS.

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The default chat bot provided by Nodal CMS is a basic version or paid version?

The chat provided by nodal direct is a basic lite version but can be upgraded to a script based AI Chabot/ when you shift to the Nodal Max Premium, that can have extra elements like triggers and advanced lead capture at extra charges.

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Do you integrate all Api at free of cost or we have to pay anything additional?

There will be no additional costs for API integrations within the confines of the Nodal CMS API, however if you need any particular API it has to purchased by yourself. Also of you are looking to add more data fields to the Nodal CMS API then that will be charged as well.  

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What are the payment gateway Charges? Is it included or we have to pay separately?

If the payment is provided by nodal direct then there will be a minimal charges of 5% to 6% (depending on the specifics) on total amount received via direct bookings. The amount will be deducted & transferred to you. Or else you can provide your own Stripe payment gateway which will be integrated free of cost.

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Will there be any additional charges for WhatsApp integration?

What’s App integration is included in Nodal Max Premium, but not free in the starter Nodal + plan. You can pay to get the same when subscribed in the Nodal + plan.

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What if my image/video limit or Form Submissions or Traffic limit exceeds My desire plan?

It will be decided by the data that has been transmitted beyond your existing plan. Please refer to your plan details/ contact your case manager for the same.

Digital Marketing

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Which social media platforms will Nodal promote my business on?

Nodal works with various major social media channels like Google+, Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. However, content can also be created and uploaded on other diverse smaller social media platforms.

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Can I customize my Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing?

Of course! Depending onyour requirements and business goals we can customize your marketing and Digital strategy to augment your businessgoals

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What are some of the Most Effective Online Marketing Strategies included?

Well, the most evident ones are SEO and Online Marketing on various social media platforms, but the following strategies can complement all the marketing efforts:

1 . Pay-per-click advertising
2. Running Google Ads·
3. Email marketing·
4. Content and Video Marketing·                 
5. Lading pages

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How do I decide what is thebest strategy for me?

The aim of digital marketing is to supply helpful information to target audience, enhance traffic and increase conversion rate. If you are considering digital marketing for the first time, consider the ambitions of your business, your budget, available resources and your present brand awareness. A holistic approach is necessary to analyse your business priorities, like for best SEO results, one might require great social media marketing. Call our sales team today and get a free business consultation.


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What all will be coveredunder SEO monthly package?

The SEO implementation tasks will vary depending upon the client’s requirements, but broadly, a mix of the following activities will be undertaken:

On-Page optimization: Keyword- determined content along with technical information
2. Off-Page optimization: Blogs, articles for link build up and content development
3.  Analysis of website traffic and related KPIs
4. Exploring and modifying currently ranking keywords.

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When should I purchaselocal SEO services?

Preferably, the moment the business website gets live, SEO services are critical in today’s age especially given the strong online competition and the expense related to traditional marketing like TV, Print ads and the like. SEO is targeted towards your business audience and hence whenever your business/ property requires more bookings or revenue you can pursue a relevant SEO strategy

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Does Nodal’s SEO package take account of websitecontent creation?

After building your website (layout, photos and amenities) you can choose the booking engine of your choice from the backend CMS. We have direct integrations with a number of booking engines - if not then you can let us know your would like to integrate a particular booking engine - we will contact the booking engine and make it available in the backend. If there is a native integration available, prices for the rooms can be called from the booking engine and shown at various places on the website itself which helps increase the conversion.
For non native integrations, although prices are not shown on the website, users can click through to the Booking Engines site for the detailed prices.

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How do I decide which SEO package is right for me?

SEO is an integral part of all the business, whether big or small. Depending on the current state of your current organic ranking and your business goals you can select the standard package with all the services or a customized one that will allow you to select the push and leads that your property requires. In case you are looking fora quick rank boost or a wider range of keywords, then you can get a customized SEO package. Speak to our sales team for the same.

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What if I want to spend more on SEO or get a custom package?

In order to create a custom package for your preferred SEO services and other supplementary questions regarding the same, you can directly reach out to us at

Landing page

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What is included in the Set-Up and monthly cost for the landing page?

The landing page setup includes design customization, an update of content, images/ videos & integration of your required services such as booking engine, WhatsApp, etc. The monthly cost includes the AWS SSL hosting, maintenance, and support services.

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Can I change the content & layout of my landing page & how many times can I do it?

Design, content, and layout can be modified/ redesigned according to your requirements and can be done an unlimited number of times (when paying the monthly subscription cost).

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What payment methods do you accept?

All types of payments I.e. Credit cards, Debit cards, Paypal, Net banking, Visa cards, MasterCard’s, American Express, and direct bank transfer.

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What is the benefit of a landing page?

Landing pages focus on targeted audiences and provide visitors with easy, direct access to a product or service they're interested in. They are customized to keep visitors engaged with the offer and boosting sales.

Google AdWords

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Is this setup charges are only for Google ads or all type of ads?

When you pay for the Google Ads Setup cost, we set up a detailed account. This includes set up of search ads, dynamic ads, re-marketing ads as well as video ads. These ads are disseminated on Google and its partner networks.
To set up specific ads on any other Social Media networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) please contact our sales team

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Why do we have to pay monthly charges for Ads?

Signing up a monthly contract is optional. The monthly contract has a charge is for handling your Google Ads account, this includes constant campaign changes to drive traffic and inquiries for your business, along with budget management and regular reports. The monthly charge for a contract depends on account size and business objectives (normally in the range from 20% to 30% of your business spend on Google Ads).

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Can I run my own Google Ads account after set up?

Yes, once the ad words account is set up and optimized you can go ahead and run it yourself. The monthly contract is not compulsory and you can just reach out to us as and when you need troubleshooting help with your account.

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How many ads will be set up & which account do you use for setup?

Within one account set up, we will set up to 50 different display & dynamic search ads, in addition, the keywords, rules, and other allied work will also be done. Then you monitor and alter your budget according to your requirements.

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What are the minimum charges for Google Ads?

There is no such thing called minimum charges. It depends upon the keywords on which we are planning to spend and their PPC. One can start Google ads with as less as USD 100 per month for a single hotel (in order to get some leads)

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If I take the monthly contract how does that payment happen?

You have to load all your funds into your respective Google Ad-words account, and we only manage the accounts according to the funds available. We will send you a statement of accounts at the end of the month and then an invoice will be raised based on the agreed commission percentage.

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