Perch Hotels and
Apartments in Delhi NCR helps Perch Service Apartments to get maximum revenue hike

We deployed our pricing recommendation engine at Perch service Apartments in Delhi NCR. The Perch has properties in:

1> Cyber City Area - Perch Arbor
2> Golf Course Road - Perch Arbor
3> Sushant Lok - Perch Arbor

We deployed our pricing hypothesis about the inventory prices at Perch Service Apartments, generating impressive results over their inventory revenue.
Nodal recorded a 10% revenue hike with The Perch Group.

We estimated regional market prices for the Perch Service Apartments properties in Gurugram as shown below.
Nodal provides a personalized occupancy based pricing recommendations on daily basis.

Did you know how much you shall price your hotel for the day?

Nodal estimated regional market inflation index for the Perch Service Apartments, which gave them a subtle understanding of how the particular region is performing in terms of demand.

Did you know that you region is experiencing high demand?

FAQs - All your questions about Nodal Dynamic Pricing

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Why should Hotels go for dynamic pricing?

Increase in Revenue: If your customers book your rooms at a constant tariffs, it directly affects the revenue of a hotel business whereas with Nodal dynamic pricing you inventory gain potential to be sold at higher prices.


Do I need any training for dynamic pricing?

No training is required for dynamic pricing. We do it for you in end-to-end manner.


How can I make sure that my property is accurately placed in market?

In order to place a product accurately for the markets we with our significant hospitality experience and research, trained our machine learning model on unique features like current occupancy of property etc. that affects the inventory tariffs on daily basis.