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Targeted Social Media marketing & SEO to increase customer base
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Social Media Marketing

Select your target demographic and business goals

Based on your location and business requirements we will narrow down to your targeted keywords and search metrics which will lead to the customers that are right for your property or business.

We will select the right Social Media marketing platforms and the tools that are just right for you!

Alignment of SEO with Social Media Marketing

To ensure that you rank high on Google and other major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Bing and Yandex etc, we will undertake rigourous on page and off page SEO for your Hotel or travel business. SEO will be aligned with Social Media Marketing to ensure maximum effect on traffic and Google keyword rank.

Social Marketing
SEO performances

Continuous Monitoring and Performance Reports

Monthly reports to keep you aware of SEO performance and ability to change keywords, targeting and Social Media tools as and when business evolves or to serve new target segments.